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Becoming an EcoSeal® Qualified Installer means you can offer your customers the exceptional performance of EcoSeal Plus, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty only available when EcoSeal Plus is installed by an EcoSeal Qualified Installer. See warranty details

This site includes everything you need to complete your EcoSeal training so that you can, in turn, properly train your installation crew.

The process of becoming an EcoSeal Qualified Installer

Our process includes three phases. The total time commitment to complete the first two phases is about 45 to 60 minutes.


Phase 1: Registration

Provide your basic profile information.


Phase 2: Eligibility

Review the EcoSeal training video, data sheet, sell sheet and application guidelines. Take a pre-qualification test to assess your understanding of EcoSeal, its use and application.


Phase 3: Qualification

Your information will be submitted to Knauf Insulation for review and approval.


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