Set your homes apart

ECOSEAL Plus makes it easy to differentiate your homes from your competition with high-performance air infiltration protection.


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Superior performance

  • Air leakage resistance exceeds EPA Energy Star requirements1
  • Limited lifetime warranty gives your customers piece of mind
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) values beat foam2
  • Class A Rated for fire and smoke3
  • Seals areas traditional spray foam can’t
  • Readily adheres to seams and doesn’t crack or split
  • Wide range of application temperatures, 20° F to 115° F


Genuine sustainability

  • Water based; contains no solvents
  • No hazardous materials
  • Virtually no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s less than 0.3%)
  • No CFC’s or HCFC’s used in manufacturing or installation


Jobsite efficiency

  • Does not require full body protection or external air supply
  • No hazardous chemicals mixed at the jobsite; no concerns for worker exposure
  • No jobsite quarantine; safe for other trades to work in the home during installation
  • No hazardous VOC’s released while curing. Meets or exceeds all State and Federal requirements for VOC’s for architectural sealants


Savings for you and your customers

  • Installed cost is less than traditional foam
  • Energy efficiency makes homes easier to market and sell
  • Pass the savings on to your customers in the form of lower energy bills


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  1. “Air Infiltration Testing” for Knauf Insulation by NAHB Research Center #4109007032710. March 27, 2010.
  2. Comparative testing at Riverbank Acoustical Lab, June 2010 using Knauf Insulation EcoSeal Plus with EcoBatt and Knauf Insulation Jet Stream 73.3 and spray applied foams
  3. < 25 and smoke developed <50